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Ok so this is another rant.. Sorry bout this. Anyways, I just watched a video on Instagram about a girl u said how because of new fans, ^ teohalmactor won’t notice her! Ok like I get why ur mad and all but u don’t have to blame new fans. That’s just wrong. She also said how we can’t be true fans unless we know things like his bday! Not everyone is a major fan and has to know all this stuff so GURL BACK OFF! I really hate how some people think that new fans are bad. But don’t get me wrong when newborns entered a fandom I was in, I was mad too. But u don’t have to go and blame others because they won’t notice u! Tbh I think it’s ur fault that they didn’t notice u! This girl said that she was there when he had only 2K followers so to me she has no right to blame new fans!!! Ok I think I’m done now! Thanks for reading :)

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